Make Your Own Alfalfa Plants

Seeds are a favorite of children as they germinate. This is true especially when seeds germinate quickly. Alfalfa is an easy-to-grow seed that should sprout within one week. To watch the seeds germinate in the soil, sprinkle a few alfalfa seeds on a piece of wet paper towel.

What you’ll need:

a packet of alfalfa seeds (about 1.5g)

A small plate or saucer

Three pieces of paper towel

A small spray mister or water container

How to grow:

Make sure to wet three pieces of paper towels and lay them on top one another flat on a platter.

Then drain the water off the plate. The paper towel needs to be dampened, but the seeds shouldn’t be floating in the water.

Spread the seeds evenly onto the towel.

To prevent the paper towel drying out, put it on a window covered with water. Use spray bottles or misters to soak the seeds or simply add a small amount of water to the saucer using a small jug or cup.

Make sure to check your seeds each day to observe how they’re growing.


Alfalfa can be a very easy to cultivate plant that will begin to sprout in between 2 and 6 days. If the seeds don’t germinate within this time frame There are a few factors that could have gone wrong:

Too dry: Seeds require water in order to develop. Alfalfa seeds soak about own weight in water before they germinate, and look as if they’ve gotten bigger. If the seeds you have are too dry, they won’t sprout. In order to ensure that your seeds don’t sink in water, add more to your bowl. You can also soak your seeds for a few hours. Be sure to rinse them well before transferring them onto a paper towel.

Too moistIf the seeds are too moist, the new roots and شركات بيع التقاوى فى مصر shoots may rot before they’ve had a chance to develop. It is also possible that mould can begin to grow on the seeds. It’s acceptable for the paper towel to be wet but the seeds should not be floating on water. Remove any excess water from the plate each time you mist or water your seeds.

Too cold or hot: The best temperature for alfalfa’s growth is 20-25 degrees Celsius. If you are growing your seeds during winter, keep them in a warm spot inside. If you are growing your seeds in very hot temperatures, you might need to water the seeds more frequently since they’ll dry faster.

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