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How To Install Canon USA Drivers?

The installation process of the Canon Printer is unusually fast and convenient to do. To promote its customers, it provides you to do the installation via two different approaches. To put it another way, you can install your canon scanner software by utilizing the Installation CD that usually comes with the printer or through the Website. The Installation procedure is only possible once your canon driver download the right set of canon USA drivers. However, canon driver download will only be required when you install canon mx490 printer without cd. But, if you are using the Installation CD, then you will not need the canon driver download for completing this process.

Install Of Canon mx490 Printer Through CD Method

In the first and foremost thing you have to do is turning on your Laptop or PC on which you want to install the Canon scanner software.

Now, take the Installation CD and insert it inside the CD Disk Drive of your device. Also, make sure that you will do it correctly. Here, it is essential to make use of the same CD you obtain in the Printer Package.

When you get finished with the insertion of the CD, the AutoPlay window will automatically get pop up onto your screen to Install the Canon Printer. Though, if it crashes to get pop up, visit your Computer’s CD Drive. Following, double-click on it.

After this, you will get the AutoPlay screen, and when you get it, watch for the option that shows “Run Setup File”, and then click on it.

It will appear the “User Account Control” window on your device where you have to choose the “Yes” or “Continue” to start the installation of your canon USA drivers.

Due to this result, the Welcome window of Installer will appear on your device screen. Now, click on “Next”.

The next window asks you to get the “Install .Net Framework”. If you have the one already installed on your device, it will not ask you to install the software again. If you get this window, you have to click on the “Yes” tab.

It will appear a “Software License Agreement” in front of you. Therefore, you should review the terms mentioned in the agreement attentively. When you are done with the thorough reading of terms, click on “Yes” for allowing them.

On the same window, you get proffer with the “Software Installation List”. It also gives you the opportunity to choose the Software which is required for canon scanner software Still, it is suggested to get installed the whole software package for the maximum performance of your canon printer. Therefore, click on the tab that shows the “Select All” button.

Now, click “Next”.

Then, go by the leftover steps by going after the on-screen directions until and unless the Software Installation window will appear on your screen.

Subsequently, click on the tab that shows the “Install”.

Therefore, it will commence the installation process of the canon USA drivers. Now, you have to hold on till it gets finished.

After that, click on the “Complete” on the window of “Setup Completion”.

Later, click on “Next”.

After that, it will lead you to the screen that displays its “Extended Survey Program”. Hence, you have to evaluate the details of the program. Following this, for joining in the same, click on “Agree”. More, choose the “Do Not Agree” alternative if you want to hop it.

Now, you will receive the “Test Print” display. So, click on “Execute” to make yourself sure that the installation process for your canon scanner software is successfully completed or not.

Once the procedure gets successfully completed, click on “Exit”.

Finally, Restart the Computer.

Install Canon mx490 Printer Without CD

The website process is the most secure and user-friendly choice for installing Canon printers. This process assures that you ever have the latest version of the needed printer driver software. For this method, you will begin by downloading the canon printer software from Canon’s official website.

To put it another way, you need to visit the setup webpage, i.e., That window enables you to explore for your particular printer model. For example, give the model number of your printer that is provided in the search bar. Then, click on the go tab. On the other hand, you can choose your printer from the model numbers listed. When you have found the required webpage, see the OS drop-down box in the upper right corner. Tick on it and choose the OS of your device. Later, you will take a reliable link to download the exact printer driver. So, click on it. Next, wait few minutes to download the software properly.

Next, continue to set up the Canon printer by succeeding the provided set of guidelines.

Install Canon mx490 Printer Without CD Process

To get started, find your device for the downloaded canon printer driver. You can find it at your computer’s default download location.

You will need to open the software file to install the Canon Printer. Consequently, double click on it.

As soon as you start the installer, a safety immediate window will arrive. So, choose ‘Run’ to verify your device.

Immediately, you will receive the user account control page. Because of that, click on the yes tab to allow the installation on your device.

As a consequence, its canon printer setup screen will open. Here, you have to select the language of your preference. Therefore, click on the language button. Then, select properly.

Click on the next subsequent window.

Subsequently, choose your region of residence correctly. Next, click on the next.

Later, read all the terms and conditions license agreement provided on the next page. Click on the yes tab to show approval for certain terms for installing Canon printers.

The next window shows its firewall frames. Therefore, click on the mark the checkbox next to the choice deactivates the block.

After that, click on the next button.

As a consequence, this will get you to the connection process page. It will assist you to have to define the attachment method planned throughout the network configuration method. In other words, choose the wired or wireless choice. Next, click on the next tab.

Next, it will get you to the network setup procedure. So, follow the given instructions to complete the process successfully.

It gives a list of available software for Canon printers. Therefore, select properly. Then, click on the next tab.

In addition, the installation procedure will start. Though, it will take some time. So, you should wait for a while.

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